Panhandle Trail

to Montour Trail

to Great Allegheny Passage

to C & O Canal

8 Days   325 miles

Weirton,WV to Harpers Ferry


Interested in joining me?





WHO?  When planning your trip, build around your abilities.  If you have a group, consider theirs.

WHAT?  A multi-day trip of 4 or more days is different from those single day rides or weekend events.                  Develop your bike skills.  Become comfortable in any will encounter it all. 

WHERE? Choose a region "you" find interesting.  Lakes, rivers and canals, for the most part is where                you will find relaxing, not overly challenging places to ride. Link-up to rail trails and                                          parkways.  Good learning places for example are  the Great Allegheny Passage (all trail),                          the C&O Canal and the Erie Canal  (all towpath). The Seaway Trail is a 400+ mile                              journey along the St. Lawrence Seaway in upstate New York, this is a classic road ride. The Northbend Trail in WV. is a good out and out and back trail ride. Not to mention MICHIGAN... I've done 2, equally awsome, very different trips in this state.  Here in Northeastern Ohio, we have our Western Reserve Greeenway Trail, where You can start at one end ride 50 shaded miles, Camp out and ride back the next day.                          

WHY?   Your choice to ride, helps to bring attention to the benifits of having recreational links                            between regions.  Along the way, visit with the locals and mention how benificial their trail systems are.  It is always good to hear when something is working well.  This helps to reinforce the fact that their money was well spent.  In rescent years many of these regions have poured large amounts of funding into revitalization efforts, take advantage of keep these places there for future generations.  

 WHEN?  I have found that before the 4th of July and after LABOR DAY work well for me.  The                              summertime crowds are thinned out, the traffic is less and campsites are easy to find.                                   Anytime is a good time...Most points of interest are open into the fall these days. Use extra good judgement and extreme caution in busy areas.  Live to see your next trip.

  HOW...  Grab a map, and get to it... First, try to find State Parks 50 or so miles apart. The reason I say             50 is that you may encounter occasional situations that could disrupt your day. Don't plan to do big miles every day.  A mix of distances works well. You may also find some Township and City Parks with camping facilities to be very good finds. Then look for historical scenic routes, these have less traffic. These were the original roads and for biking these are great.