Panhandle Trail

to Montour Trail

to Great Allegheny Passage

to C & O Canal

8 Days   325 miles

Weirton,WV to Harpers Ferry


Interested in joining me?

For over 20 years,

AUTOMOTIVE GRAPHIC STYLING has produced and provided the finest of quality Vinly Graphics.

                 Uniquely different and always original from concept to product.  

  I would first like to say Thank You, to all of our past customers and welcome to all future clients. Being a life long Graphic Artist I have a diverse skill-set.  I don't short-cut... and what I don't know I'll figure out. Most of my clients are looking for long term durability, I seldom offer cheap and easy fixes. If you are looking for good old-fashioned professional grade quality...   

My services include but are not limited to:

LOGO DESIGN : including New or Updated revisions of your existing logo.

CUT VINYL Graphics and Lettering for: Vehicles and Trailers (Commercial and Custom),

Race Cars .... Honestly I could spend  a long time on the list of different things                             I have actually worked on ... but what matters is what you may need.  

Non-Lighted Signage, Establishment Windows, Banners & Job Signs, I DO.  

SCREEN PRINTING :  I am an old school printer. All jobs precisely printed by hand.  

  On DECALS, high quality, vivid color, custom production for special items, in a single color on up. Recently I printed a 10 color job for a Police Dept. Door Emblem, packaged with the stripe kit on the unit. There is a clear difference compared to the digital images that most places turn out now days. There is no subsitute for a quality screenprint. 

   On APPAREL : Including T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies for...Events, Clubs, Retail Sale,   Family Reunions...Here again...ALL CUSTOM, not designs you just pop your name into. 

   Now, with the addition of APEX, the Travel Cycling part of things, I hope to develop and produce practical items that were inspired by my travels and someday have them available, at the very establishments I discovered, in those travels.