Panhandle Trail

to Montour Trail

to Great Allegheny Passage

to C & O Canal

8 Days   325 miles

Weirton,WV to Harpers Ferry


Interested in joining me?


SIMPLE : Coffee, Fruit and Cereal Bar, CLIF Bar, Oatmeal , PB&J...

BETTER : Coffee, Pancakes , Scrambled Eggs or an Omelet with Hash Browns.

BEST : Every town has places to get great breakfasts...and they are typically pretty cheap.

****BEST BREAKFAST , so far : The Sandwich Shoppe in Youngstown, New York.

***  BEST BRUNCH, so far : The Valley Dairy in Connellsville, Pennsylvania                                                                                                          (on the Great Allegheny Passage)


SIMPLE : Pack a snack... PB&J...CLIF Bar...GORP.

BETTER : Many Country Marts have a descent, but pricy, selection of cold subs,...some carry fruit.

BEST : Don't be afraid to have a real lunch at a real nice place...lunches are often cheaper than dinner                       and taste really good on the road...then you may take a dessert with you, for later. 

****BEST LUNCH , so far:The Traverse City Pie Co.,Traverse City, Michigan & grabbed a small pie to go.                                Enjoyed that pie later in camp at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, in the dark.

****BEST BURGER and a BEER , The Coach House in Harpers Ferry, WV.


SIMPLE : One pot meals are quick,just boil some water,add a rice mix then, add tuna or chichen even TVP.

GOOD : Dried soup and chili mixes are nice but can be high in sodium...check the labels. 

BETTER : Rehydrate dried veggies, then saute in a sauce mix and and serve over Potato Pancakes or ?

              Here again...if you have a good lunch...go light on the dinner...usually descent food is close-by.

BEST :  Cook-outs are nice...just keep the aroma not to attract uninvited guests.

****BEST DINNER , so far : Snug Harbor in Grand Haven, Michigan and Moonwinks in Cuba, New York.