Panhandle Trail

to Montour Trail

to Great Allegheny Passage

to C & O Canal

8 Days   325 miles

Weirton,WV to Harpers Ferry


Interested in joining me?

Being an apparel decorator I will be offering a variety of products in various styles.

From moisture wicking anti-microbial items to t-shirts, sweatshirts, short-sleeve and long-sleeve.

I will strive to bring you a variety of different and somewhat cool pieces.

In rescent years I have designed special route t-shirts using the photos I have taken.

With each journey I will make available new items, some simple, some more complex. I think art and

 framed posters may be a possibility down the road...we have seen some pretty amazing stuff. 

At this time all items will be available by mail order or at my shop or at listed establishments .

At this time no items are focus was to get this site up and going...then...                 

With the amount of internet fraud going on at this time and the fact that we are building this from zero,    

as things progress we'll consider other payment methods,

but for now cash, check or money order will be fine.