Panhandle Trail

to Montour Trail

to Great Allegheny Passage

to C & O Canal

8 Days   325 miles

Weirton,WV to Harpers Ferry


Interested in joining me?

Welcome to the Automotive    Graphic Styling website!  

  Along with being a career graphic artist for the last 30 years,  I am also a cyclist.   As a commercial artist I have worked in arenas including decal production for major Nascar race teams in the 1980's.   After starting  A.G.S. in 1993, I have had the pleasure of working with Professional and Sportman Drag Racing, Dirt Track and Road Course racing teams and organizations, designing and producing lettering & sponsor decals and t-shirts for trackside retail.   I also design logos and letter comercial vehicles and trailers for a wide range of local service professionals in northeast Ohio.   Add to that, our custom screenprinting on T-shirts for events, work crews and schools side of things... It dosen't leave much down time.                                                                 So to unwind, I ride...Ride Big. 

   Now, I have begun the proscess of blending business and pleasure.  I plan to produce products that serve both worlds.  Included in that, is Video Production, PhotoArt Prints and Creative T-shirts of images from my travels, for sale at this site, at my shop or at participating retailers.  

                    Thank you, to all my customers who have been with us from the beginning.

                                                            Sincerly, Bob.